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What is a Pop Up?


I started doing Pop Up workshops last year as a way to help those who were not able to commit to the longer workshops, either for the time, or the costs.


I do not know where they will be ahead of time, I wait until I have a model and a horse and couture outfit come together at the same time in a great location!


If you have ideas for one I am always open.

If you would like to be on the email list for notices outside of social media, please message me.


Pop Ups range between $300-$400 PER SHOOT depending on how elaborate they are and often do not exceed 7 photographers.

A Pop UP includes one afternoon shoot and sometimes we may have another shoot optional the next morning if the location and horses allow for it. 


I will be leaning this direction after 2024 and the large workshops will no longer happen, so keep a watch!


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