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2024 will mark my 19th year of workshops!


April 20-21, 2024

Valley View, Tx



October 7-10, 2024

Santa Ynez, California



Classroom Location-

Southern Winds Ranch, Texas and Ecomamma Farms, Ca



A mix of "naked" horses and horses with models, styled in a current, useable fashion couture.
We love hair and movement, the models are not only gorgeous, but can ride incredibly well, which means they can model while doing it. This is something I find is missing in current fashion, where horses are used.
I also have many shoots with horses of many breeds at liberty, in hand picked locations and times for incredible backgrounds and light.
For me everything is about the light and emotion you feel.

I emphasize the importance of finding your own style, letting go artistically and finding joy in the moments.
These workshops move quickly and often have multiple things happening at once, so even though we have up to 20 photographers
 (depending on the workshop) it's shocking how different the final images are!
There is often a bit of walking to locations as well.


This varies between different workshops, but we like to cover a multitude of current editing styles and techniques.
We also discuss the business and share openly about how to make money doing what we love.


You must know your way around your camera and have basic skills in Photoshop...we accept "newbies" but the workshop moves quickly so there is not a lot of time to teach the basics. We sometimes have someone who can work with anyone newer during the shoots to answer questions and check camera settings, this is mainly at the Ca workshop.
You MUST have a laptop with current Photoshop/Lightroom/Bridge downloaded (and working) before class starts, if you would like to participate in the teaching process.

*PLEASE REVIEW YOUR CAMERA MANUAL FIRST if you haven't already and have a laptop with CURRENT Photoshop loaded on it and again, working.


Zoom lens 200mm or bigger strongly suggested. However, ALL types of lenses are encouraged and all viewpoints and artistic styles encouraged!

Please ask any who have attended previously and you will find that not only do I put the highest importance on quality, original shoots and customized Photoshop education...but we have FUN!!!


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