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I love horses, I love my "job" and I find joy in chasing light and capturing whatever emotions I can see unfolding!

I have a VERY strong sense of integrity when it comes to the conformation of horses.

I believe that, if you are a GOOD photographer, and you understand LIGHTING, SHAPES and can almost always make a horse, or person, look their best... OR BETTER!

That sums me up besides the boring

I was born and raised in California, I own 3 Arabians that I ride for pleasure.

I'm married to a musical genius, who also gave me my first camera.

I'm self taught, however, I religiously attended photography workshops myself.

I've bugged and harassed all of my photographer idols for advice... and I've studied in depth, all the photography that has moved me over the years.

We shot weddings for many years, and still do, for friends.

Weddings taught me all I know about capturing light, adjusting to difficult lighting and backgrounds and finding movement and emotion.

Someone in the Arabian business told me once:

"Its easy to make an ugly horse pretty, but its very difficult to make a pretty horse, prettier"

Its been my mission ever since to find the beauty in all horses...and if anything, in the moment I'm experiencing with them.

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